Director & Head of Talent Management

The customer service and employees of the company. They are efficient, responsive and very informative.The fact this is on a Microsoft platform speaks for itself. You are able to customize this to meet your company’s needs. I have not experience another ATS that could easily meet the demands of the company unless paying for customization. Dynamics ATS is user friendly and powerful system.


There are some features the system is not able to do but I am confident they will be there shortly.

Dynamics ATS is powerful and easy-to-use. The cost is inexpensive and the reporting capabilities are endless. We are a large global technological service company headquarter in India. Dynamics CRM Recruiting Solutions was available to meet with our stakeholders in India along with support our US office. They were extremely responsive and never got frustrated with the questions from the recruitment team. They are able to resolve any situation and I recommend this company to anyone seeking an Applicant Tracking System. The capability of customizing the product and reporting is above standards. Their willingness to go above and beyond their responsibility is incredible. I truly have enjoyed working with Dynamics CRM Recruiting Solutions.