Outstanding customer experience which exceeded already high expectations


Price, Usability, Outstanding customer service (seemingly available at all times of the day – even in the Australian time-zone), and highly suited for recruitment situations.

The resume parser needs some slight tweaking with relation to typical Australian resumes.

We are a small Recruitment Company in Australia with just 3 recruiters and a small budget. We had been evaluating MS Dynamics and Dynamics CRM Applicant Tracking and were all set for the change over from our current MS Access Database. Just prior to migrating our data (Dynamics Applicant Tracking were helping with this also), we stumbled upon the fact that the new (2013) structure of Microsoft Dynamics Licensing imposes a minimum of 5 licenses at the highest level. This would have been more than $2,000 per year higher than we had budgeted for and was not feasible for us. The team were incredibly understanding and helpful with the situation. I could not recommend this company more highly. Their assistance, customer service and willingness to go the extra mile were just outstanding.